November 5, 2002 5:48 AM

I wish I could give advice like this

What, you say, you want to have a weblog of your very own, but you're not sure that you're life is interesting enough? Well, you're probably right; your miserable excuse for a life probably IS too dull to write about. If you insist, though, Ken Williams has some words of wisdom for you. If that doesn't scare you off, Larry Simon offers up his own raison d'etre.

Of course, perhaps the best piece of advice is simply to get yourself a hook. Do something to set yourself apart. Lord knows I could benefit by following that advice, but time constraints often preclude doing anything too wacky. Sometimes just being me is time-consuming and troublesome enough.

I wonder sometimes whether traffic is an indication of quality, or simply a matter of notoriety. I get, on average, 125-175 hits a day. I'm not sure why that should be important, but it is nice to know that someone out there actually reads what I write. Of course, what is important to me may not be to anyone else. That seldom stops me from ranting on whatever I choose to, but I'm not everyone's cup of tea. Such is life. Perhaps some day I'll be famous (although likely not rich), or at least widely-read, but if not that will be OK. It's all about having an outlet for my repressed silliness. I hope y'all enjoy it now and then- Lord knows I sure do.

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