June 28, 2003 7:48 AM

Just one big happy family

Baylor player may have been slain; Police: Teammates possible suspects

I suppose this WOULD be a novel way to make certain you get the playing time you so richly deserve. Hey, if you can't beat them on the court, you just might have to go Chucky on them....

WACO -- Suspects in the disappearance of a Baylor basketball player who may be a homicide victim "potentially include fellow Baylor basketball players," police said Friday.

Patrick Dennehy, a 6-10, 230-pound center, has not been seen or heard from in more than two weeks.

While police have not found a body, department spokesman Steven Anderson said they "have received information from several sources that would lead investigators to believe that foul play was involved."

In a written statement, Anderson said police were looking into whether the 21-year-old Dennehy may have been killed in the Waco area. A sport utility vehicle belonging to Dennehy was found this week in Virginia Beach, Va.

"From that lead and others, potential suspects in the disappearance of Dennehy potentially include fellow Baylor basketball players," Anderson said. "Information about possible crime scenes are currently being investigated."

Assuming that Dennehy's disappearance/murder isn't solved soon, the Baylor basketball team's fall camp ought to be very interesting. ("Dude, you know that new freshman point guard? The one who's supposed to be backing me up? Well, he's really starting to creep me out. He keeps giggling and making these wierd stabbing motions whenever I look at him. And yesterday I saw him reading 'The Anarchist Cookbook' in the locker room before practice.")

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