August 14, 2003 5:39 AM

And we're going to keep doing it until DeLay gets what he wants!

Two sides gird for lengthy wrangle: Perry vows more special sessions on remap; 11 undeterred by fines

NOW you've gone and done it. It appears we have a real pissing match on our hands, and now both sides are so deeply entrenched that the only thing they can do is raise the stakes. This, of course, makes it even LESS likely that there will be a speedy resolution to this dilemma. The idea of a compromise hasn't even occurred to Republicans, and the longer this dispute drags on, that will also become true of Democrats.

Republicans need to realize that they are NOT going to get what they want, so why not begin negotiating to see what they CAN get? Why? Because "negotiate" and "compromise" appear to be foreign concepts to Republicans. Wake up and smell the cat litter, y'all....

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