March 16, 2004 6:09 AM

And the point would prove you're a complete dickweed??

I think her point is that a toilet bowl has much cleaner water than any Manhattan restaurant.

- Laurence Simon

Yesterday, I wrote about PETA's tendency to stage pointless protests that are so over-the-top as to alienate those very people they might otherwise have a shot at persuading. In this case, a woman is drinking out of a toilet bowl. Of course, the question that immediately leaps to mind is "Why??" Then again, I'm not at all sure that I want to know the answer. The only reason I'm not giving her a DUMB@$$ AWARD is that I don't have her name.

(Intermission: read how Laurence Simon celebrated International Eat and Animal for PETA Day. The carnage was stunning....)

If the maroons at PETA could just learn to stage protests with a modicum of decorum and decency, they just might have a shot at winning some converts. As it is, they seem incapable of doing anything that might be considered "middle of the road". And then they wonder why no one takes them seriously.


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