July 4, 2004 7:20 AM

Rumor has it that Britney Spears and Anna Kournikova will be the first match

Carmen Electra's Nude Career -- Naked Wrestling

In an era when Poker, Arena Football, and Indoor Lacrosse are huge successes, professional sports is now poised to take the next big step. Yes, the Apocalypse is truly upon us.

Carmen Electra is known for taking her clothes off and now she's helping other women do the same -- for the good of sports.

Electra is starting something called the "Naked Women's Wrestling League" and will host her first event on Pay-Per-View in August.

Folks expecting the naked wrestling to turn into one big orgy will be sadly disappointed. Although Electra's wrestling league features 17 beautiful women wrestling in the buff, the action is described as "non-pornographic, yet sexy and risque."

Investors are certainly excited. Ray Barton, one of the executives involved in the project says he considers "....the potential of naked women wrestling to be the most unique project we've seen this year."

OK, so "17 beautiful women wresting in the buff" is "non-pornographic, yet sexy and risque"? Right; and I'm the Queen of England....

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