December 10, 2004 7:04 AM

Greetings from Paradise

Suffice it to say that when I look out the window in the morning, this is NOT what I see. I know that most of you are probably just finishing up shovelling your driveway, but yesterday was one of those days that make living on the Texas Gulf Coast akin to living in Paradise. For those of you living north of the Mason-Line, imagine this: 70 degrees, sunny, calm winds. It was the kind of day when all you want to do is find a way to leave the office, grab your golf clubs and sun screen, and spend a day on the links. For someone who grew up in Minnesota’s Great White North, this is truly amazing. Though I’ve lived here for seven and a half years, part of me still expects to wake up in December and find two feet of snow on the ground. Then I look at the palm tree in the back yard, and it’s all good.

There is, sadly, a down side to this warm weather. Yes, there is something fundamentally wrong with have to deal with hungry mosquitoes in the middle of December. Of course, it DOES beat the hell out of shovelling the driveway, but the pesky buggers do get tiresome. Until we get a freeze- never a sure thing in these parts- we’re stuck with them. As much as I love living here, I still have yet to fully adapt to the idea of having to swat mosquitoes in the middle of the freakin’ winter.

Ah, life in Paradise. I suppose if the worst thing I have to worry about is a few famished mosquitoes, how bad can things really be, eh?. After all, I could be shovelling the driveway….

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