April 30, 2007 6:21 AM

Another DUMB@$$ AWARD wiener

Archbishop blasts Sheryl Crow appearance

DUMB@$$ AWARD wiener #576: Archbishop Raymond Burke

Archbishop Raymond Burke denounced a Catholic charity Wednesday for scheduling a benefit-concert appearance by Sheryl Crow, who supports abortion rights. Burke submitted his resignation as chairman of the board for the Cardinal Glennon Children’s Foundation, saying the decision to let Crow sing on Saturday left him no other choice.

When does the desire to help children and do good works trump ideology? Well, if you’re our latest DUMB@$$ AWARD wiener, the answer is NEVER. There are those who insist that Jesus really DOES vote Republican, and that to countenance or even give the appearance of condoning performances by bleeding-heart libtard reprobates is a mortal sin. Never mind the fact that Sheryl Crow is performing at a charity fundraiser designed to help children. No, for Archbishop DUMB@$$ Burke, it’s all about taking a stand against the creeping evils of Liberals and their deadly ideology, with it’s belief in tolerance, charity, and understanding.

Man, is this troll a lousy advertisement for the joys of Catholicism or what? Instead of being a spokesman for an all-encompassing, open arms philosophy of Christianity, Archbishop DUMB@$$ Burke is demonstrating what a joyless drudgery Catholicism too often is…not that Evangelical Christians rank very high on the fun-o-meter, either.

And is Archbishop DUMB@$$ Burke really willing to trash a charity fundraiser simply so he could put his intolerance and bigotry on display while he throws a public hissy fit? Yep…and that’s why Archbishop DUMB@$$ Burke is such a deserving DUMB@$$ AWARD wiener, eh?

“It’s very painful for me,” Burke said during a news conference Wednesday. “But I have to answer to God for the responsibility I have as archbishop.

“A Catholic institution featuring a performer who promotes moral evil gives the impression that the church is somehow inconsistent in its teaching,” Burke said.

Crow is set to appear at the 19th annual benefit for the Bob Costas Cancer Center at Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center. Costas will host the event, which will also feature comedian Billy Crystal.

Crow’s publicist didn’t return a message seeking comment Wednesday.

Event organizer Allen Allred said he was disappointed with Burke’s decision, but that Crow would appear Saturday as scheduled.

“This is not an event that’s about ideology,” Allred said. “This is about helping kids.”

This fundraiser has nothing to do with promoting moral evil. It’s supposed to be ideologically neutral…or at least it was, until Archbishop DUMB@$$ Burke decided to force his “God is an Republican ideologue and thug” ideology on everyone involved.

What I fail to understand is just what “unspeakable Evil” Sheryl Crow represents. It’s not as if she’s advocating free love or radical atheism…so what exactly is Burke’s problem? And why is he so willing to undermine a fundraiser designed to benefit children in need?

Burke said it was a “scandal” to let Crow sing at the event and amounted to an act that could lead others to evil. He cited Crow’s support for stem cell research and “procured abortion.”

Crow appeared in television ads throughout Missouri last year asking voters to approve an initiative that enshrined the right to conduct stem-cell research in the state constitution.

Burke said he became aware of Crow’s participation in the cancer benefit in February and asked other board members to cancel her appearance.

“They didn’t accept my concerns,” Burke said.

So THAT’S why Archbishop DUMB@$$ Burke is throwing his hissy fit? Because the board didn’t accept him as the ultimate authority and arbiter of Crow’s perceived moral turpitude? Apparently, the problem here is that Crow was simply exercising her First Amendment rights…not that the Catholic Church has EVER been big on that whole “free speech and independent thought” thing….

All Archbishop DUMB@$$ Burke has done is to demonstrate what an intolerant, ignorant buffoon and, well…yes, DUMB@$$…he really is. Yeah, if Bill Donohue wore a clerical collar, he’d be Archbishop DUMB@$$ Raymond Burke. Jeebus, what a couple of joyless trolls. You’d think the Catholic Church could come up with better advertisements for the teachings of the Church. So much for Christian tolerance and charity….

Allred said board members didn’t honor Burke’s request because they didn’t want to play politics with performers at the annual event, which has featured big-name entertainers like Jay Leno in the past.

This is as it should be. Ultimately, this is about a fundraiser intended to benefit children in need. It’s not about politics, or religious doctrine, or Archbishop DUMB@$$ Burke’s self-righteous religious bigotry and intolerance. If Burke is a man of God, then I’m the Queen of England.

Jeebus, what a (&^%$#@ DUMB@$$….

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