April 14, 2007 8:16 AM

It was just a matter of time....

I just LOVE capitalism…. Where else but the free market could you find someone willing to profit off of racism, outrage, and cheap political posturing? Yessirree, if there’s one thing that Americans can do, it’s recognizing an opportunity to make lemonade out of horse $#!&. Remember a few years ago when trendy White kids wore Malcolm X baseball caps? Was there anything that revealed a person’s cluelessness more than White kids trying to be Black by wearing hats that recognized a Black leader who believed that White people were in league with Satan? Now you have folks trying to cash in on Don Imus and his “nappy headed hos” comment…a racist slur that eventually cost him his CBS radio gig. (Cue the clip of White kids wearing “nappy headed ho” t-shirts in 3…2…1….).

Man, talk about striking while the iron is hot, eh? I just wonder how long it’s going to be before Imus sues for royalties? After all, he’s the one who popularized the phrase…and he is out of work. Hey, the man might be worried about where his next Big Mac is coming from…and you have to know that living in the Hamptons can’t be cheap. eh??

Al Sharpton must be apoplectic right about now….

Man, I LOVE this country….

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