January 15, 2008 5:03 AM

Ah, so THAT'S how he does it...no wonder she looks so happy

Why Is This Woman Smiling?

Many people are still scratching their heads about how this schlubby little guy from Cleveland scored so well with this goddess-like creature. This morning, the folks at Slate think they’ve found a secret clue that explains the entire situation: the anagram of “Dennis Kucinich” is “Nine-inch dick, U.S.”.

I’ve enjoyed all the conjecture about how a stubby, “out there” Democrat from Cleveland managed to bag a statuesque redhead- and one who seems so completely smitten with him. I suppose it’s true that there’s a lid for every pot, but Elizabeth and Dennis Kucinich hardly seem to be an obvious couple. Still, when it comes to Presidential timbre, I’m not sure that Dennis is the one with the strongest appeal. I think an argument could be made that Elizabeth could certainly hold her own in that respect.

Then again, it’s certainly not easy to argue with a qualification like “Nine-inch dick, U.S.”.

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