January 16, 2008 5:52 AM

Ain't too proud to beg

Thinnovation: Jobs Announces Super-Thin MacBook Air, iTunes Video Rental Service

Apple Inc. Chief Executive Steve Jobs took the wraps off a super-slim new laptop Tuesday, unveiling a tiny personal computer that is less than an inch thick and turns on the moment it’s opened…. Always a showman, Jobs unwound the string on a standard-sized manila office envelope and slid out the ultra-thin MacBook Air notebook computer to coos and peals of laughter from disbelieving fans at the conference.

OK, I’m convinced. Sign me up. No, I’m not going to run and toss a couple thousand dollars I don’t have at a MacBook Air. Not that I’m not sorely tempted, mind you. (If any of y’all are feeling generous, though…. ;o) )

This looks like it could be a whole lot of fun- especially when you consider that not so very long ago Apple was nothing if not moribund. Stuck a seemingly miniscule market share in the PC market, the company seemed devoid of new ideas and doomed to be the computing choice of iconoclasts,Trekkies, and tree-hugging, granola-eating Liberals. Then came the iPod, and…well, you know the rest. The transformation has been impressive, to say the least- not exactly a return from the dead, but a marvel nonetheless.

No, I don’t NEED the MacBook Air. My current MacBook works just fine for the purposes for which I employ it- primarily blogging, writing, and downloading porn email. Need has little to do with the fact that I WANT it. Being the practical sort that I’m trying to be, wanting it is probably as far as I would go…I hope.

How many shopping days until Christmas? ;o)

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