January 1, 2008 5:24 AM

I've been trying to forget 9.11, but Rudy Giuliani won't let me

A new intercept purportedly shows Al Qaeda admitting they were behind Bhutto’s killing. If this is true, and let’s face it, I wouldn’t put it past the Pakistani government to start pointing fingers elsewhere, then Bush needs to explain to the American people why he’s been ignoring Al Qaeda since 2003? Invading Iraq had nothing to do with Al Qaeda, and in fact, Bush closed the CIA shop in charge of searching for Osama in 2003. Bush also moved lots of military assets from Afghanistan to Iraq, assets that were looking for Al Qaeda and Osama. Bush has ignored Al Qaeda - uh, the folks who killed 3000 Americans, remember them? - since 2003 and no one has held him accountable. What’s worse, we’ve let him (and Giuliani and others) crow about how Democrats are the ones who don’t understand the threat from Al Qaeda.

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