January 18, 2008 7:12 AM

These folks just don't quit, do they?

FARMERS BRANCH — The Dallas suburb that jumped into the nationwide debate over immigration plans to take up another law to force out undocumented immigrants. The Farmers Branch City Council plans to consider a new ordinance Tuesday banning landlords from renting apartments and houses to illegal immigrants. It would require the city and federal government, not the landlords, to determine who is in the country legally, The Dallas Morning News reported on its Web site Thursday.

Man, the good Christian White folk of Farmers Branch must REALLY hate the Brown People, huh? It seems they’re bound and determined to take a stand against illegal immigration. Nothing wrong with that, I suppose- except that in Texas that’s usually code for “We hate Brown People”. Additionally, the proposed ordinance has the effect of making life more difficult for those folks what want to rent a domicile in Farmers Branch. Yes, in order to be granted the supreme privilege of residing in the People’s Democratic Republic of Farmer’s Branch, anyone wanting to rent or lease a place to live must obtain an occupancy license from the city. Yeah, this will certainly work- until landlords begin to realize that they’re losing potential tenants because they don’t want to go through the hassle of obtaining an occupancy license.

Wouldn’t it just be easier to post a sign at the city limits saying “NO BROWN PEOPLE ALLOWED”? That way it’s out in the open, and you don’t have to pass an ordinance and take a chance on having a judge laugh you out of their courtroom.

Ain’t hate fun?? And it’s so much easier when you can pick out the Brown People because of their appearance. That way you can hate them without even having to really give it much thought…which probably suits the good Christian White folks of Farmers Branch just fine.

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