January 31, 2008 11:12 AM

Well, if you can't impeach the President, getting naked is probably the next best thing

Nothing says “Our Precious Freedoms” like PETA’s annual State of the Union video of a young lady taking about an hour to get naked because she’s saying something about how you are not supposed to waterboard hamsters or eat steak.

No, I wasn’t about to subject myself to Tuesday night’s State of the Union address. I’m not big on self-congratulation and inflated rhetoric. Unwilling to subject myself to the verbal hack job that is your average Our Glorious and Benevolent Leader © speech, I spent that time cleaning lint out of my belly button. What I didn’t miss, however, was PETA’s annual State of the Union Undress. It was certainly a whole lot shorter than The Worst President EVER’s © paean to his glorious and inspired leadership…and NO ONE wants to see the man naked. Thank GOD we were all spared that indignity. (If you want some excellent commentary on SOTU without the nudity- though why you would is difficult to imagine- go to Think Progress.

This year, there’s even a safe for work version of PETA’s latest attempt to convince us that meat is murder. I’m not certain why anyone would actually watch that, but to each his own, eh?

I thought the speech was well done, but I’ll be damned if I can remember anything of what she was talking about….

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