July 20, 2011 5:47 AM

Louie Gohmert: Lord and Master of our American Idiocracy....


(apologies to Keith Olbermann)

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX)

America is not an elephant. For one thing, elephants never forget, whereas Americans don’t really know much to begin with. Ninety percent of them can’t pick out their hometown on an unmarked map… We’re bigger than they are, and we’re on top. If we were in prison, they’d be our bitch.

  • Rick Mercer

It’s too bad that stupidity isn’t painful.

  • Anton Lavey

I’ve long since retired the old Dumbass Awards I gave out for so long. It wasn’t that I was running low on suitable candidates; Lord knows there are no shortage of brain-dead idjits and zealots in our stupid world. No, I just got tired of trying to stem the tide, and after awhile stupid became as predictable as it was boring. Stay attuned to stupid long enough, and eventually stupid becomes the coin of the realm. Yeah, it’s got a nice beat and you can dance to it, but 10 minutes later you’re hungry again.

IF I was still in the Dumbass Award business, today’s award would most certainly go to Louie Gohmert. His body of work is such that I’d have no recourse but to rename it after him, retire it on the spot, award it to him in perpetuity, and genuflect in his general direction. Hey, it can’t be easy being that bats—t crazy 24/7/365, knowhutimean?? Then again, Gohmert’s from east Texas, and if we’re all a product of our environment (and whatever drugs we may have done in the ’60s), Gohmert’s living proof of this theory.

Under the best of circumstances, Gohmert is a walking, talking advertisement for strong psychotropic medication, but his latest lunatic stylings are ones for the ages.

Yes, Gohmert actually, seriously believes that the reason for the August 2nd deadline for raising America’s debt ceiling is that Barack Obama’s birthday is on August 3rd. Of course the President can’t have anything sullying his epic fund-raising birthday bash, eh??

It’s difficult to underestimate the degree and depth of lunacy to which Louie Gohmert regularly descends. The question, of course, is whether of not he actually believes the verbal vomit he emits, or whether this is all part of a grand scheme. Perhaps he really knows that what he’s selling may SOUND crazy to sane and rational people outside the Beltway, but in east Texas, it’s Gospel. Perhaps Gohmert is just crazy like a fox. Perhaps it’s just dog-whistle racial politics. Or perhaps he really IS that stupidly partisan and devoid of anything resembling a filter. Personally, I’m going to go with door #2….

While a startling number of House Republicans refuse to accept experts’ dires warnings about the possibility of default come Aug. 2 if Congress doesn’t raise the debt ceiling, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) thinks he has stumbled across the Obama administration’s real motivation behind choosing that date. Many Republicans think the August date is a phony deadline Democrats invented to scare Congress into raising the ceiling, but Gohmert sees a more personal significance for President Obama — his 50th birthday on Aug. 4 and his birthday party on the 3rd.

The fact that the party is the day after the debt deadline is something Gohmert finds awfully suspicious, he told Newsmax TV yesterday, suggesting that Obama chose the date so he could be a hero at his “birthday bash” for the “celebrities flying in from all over”….

Yes, it’s great fun to ridicule Gohmert, who’s frequently proven himself worthy of such derision. Nonetheless, his hyper-partisan lunacy does raise a very real and disturbing questions that hardly bodes well for the future of the Republic: How does one talk to, and reason with, someone so thoroughly and completely divorced from anything resembling reality? And it’s not as if Gohmert is the only Right-wing nuthatch threatening our collective economic and emotional well-being. There are plenty of Fox Noise Channel devotees out there who would believe that Obama’s America will mean mandatory anal probes for all Americans.

Yeah, it’s easy to laugh…but Gohmert and his ilk are dead serious. That fact alone should scare the Hell out of any sane, rational American with a brain and even a minimal ability to reason…because Gohmert and his disciples evidently possess neither.

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