March 8, 2012 5:37 AM

Today's dispatch from the attic

Fox News Expands Morning Show ‘Fox & Friends’ To Four Hours. Great! Even more silliness, propaganda, and world-class ignorance and pandering to their viewers’ baser insticts.


Two Theories on Why Republicans Are Acting So ‘Suicidal’. 1) They’re more concerned with ideological purity than winning. 2) They just don’t give a damn.


Here’s a pro tip: If you’re a school principal, one way to NOT win friends and influence parents and students is to tell gay students that they’re going to Hell. You can thank me later.


Kim Jong Un Hones His Signature; Iran Sides with Santorum on Homeschooling. This is what happens when propaganda exits the domain of the ridiculous for the realm of the sublime.


When I see a headline like this: Scientists Invent Magical Device That Will Save Our Sanity, I’m thinking someone’s finally figured out how to deliver a pizza in LESS than 30 minutes


In Possible Gaffe, Romney Says Poor People ‘Taste Like Chicken’. Clueless…and built to stay that way.


Sorry I Said Your Mom Had Sex with a Dog, Judge Writes in Letter to Obama. Interesting how, now that there’s a Black Democrat in the White House, racism has become cool again, eh?


And The Best-Looking Men In The World Live In…. Hmm…odd that Portland didn’t make the list, don’tchathink??


Mitt Romney: conclusive proof that you CAN run for President even without a soul, integrity, or any core convictions.


So you’ve spent your life dreaming of working at Target, eh? You might want to rethink that.

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