April 30, 2012 7:35 AM

Today's dispatch from the attic

Fischer to Romney: ‘You Want to Win this Election, You Better Start Listening to Me’. Wow…arrogant, self-righteous, AND stupid? That’s an almost unbeatable combination.


Rush Limbaugh On Hillary Clinton: ‘All She Is Is A Secretary’ Who Needs To Wear Spanx. And all Limbaugh is is an intolerant, hate-addled Oxycontin addict with $#!& for brains.


Anti-Gay Activists Warn ‘Homosexual References’ in School will ‘Bring Many of the Kids into the Gay Lifestyle’. Man, I had NO idea Teh Gayz had so much power and influence.


Ron Brown, University Of Nebraska Assistant Football Coach: Being Fired For Anti-Gay Views Would An ‘Honor’. Isn’t it about time he be “honored”??


Man who lived with bullet in head dies at 103. He’d had the bullet in his head for 95 years. THAT is badass, no?


Why Are Free Cars OK For College Coaches But Not Players?. Who says indentured servitude is dead??


Georgia Rep. Gingrey (R) Denounces ‘African-Americans For Obama’ Group: ‘It Really Is Worse Than Sad’. Right; ‘cuz before you know it, America will no longer be safe for good, God-fearing, White patriots.


Stanley Kubrick Apparently Rose From The Dead To Direct Nike’s Newest Ad. What Phil Knight wants, Phil Knight gets.


George Zimmerman’s Crappy Website Raised $200,000. I’m not certain what this says about American society…but it can’t be good.


Democracy Canceled in Michigan Because of Incorrect Font Size on Form. This is what happens when you elect Republicans, America.

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