November 19, 2012 7:10 AM

Today's comminque from our new idiocracy

“We’re dressed like clowns and you’re the ones that look funny”…. What do you do when a Neo-Nazi hate group comes to your town to hold an anti-immigration rally? Well, you gather up your closest friends, thrown on some clown gear and kill ‘em with kindness. Of course.

Neo-Nazi Hate Group Counter-Protested By…Clowns: Sometimes, the best way to ridicule someone is to be ridiculous yourself.

Man finds mummified bat in his morning bowl of cereal: Adam West was unavailable for comment.

Prominent Florida Bigots Unite Against Holidays For Perverted, Evil, Terrorist-Cult Children: Evidently, Floriduh has been overrun by the Taliban.

Victoria’s Secret apologizes for use of headdress: “Cuz Lord knows that Victoria’s Secret is all about cultural sensitivity and not objectifying…oh, wait; never mind….

See Cats Sky Dive to R. Kelly and Watch A Dog Defy Gravity: Because…well, why the Hell not??

Georgia Immigration Law Trips Up Doctors And Nurses: Careful what you ask for…’cuz you just might get it.

Rick Santorum Will Gladly Compromise With Democrats To Ruin Social Security For You: Because destroying social programs is what Santorum lives to do.

Shirtless FBI Agent, Another Top General Added to Petraeus Farce Cast: Just when you thought things couldn’t get any stranger….

Man shot six cows in face, officials say: Hey, why not? It’s Floriduh….

Presenting the World’s First Breast Implants for Turkeys: Because turkeys deserve to feel good about themselves, too.

Tea Party Learns Its Painful Electoral Lesson: That Mitt Romney Was Too Moderate: If only Ted Nugent hadn’t been on tour and off his medication….

Overly Attached Girlfriend Leaves Reddit for Samsung: Is there ANYTHING that can’t be commercialized??

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