December 5, 2012 6:29 AM

Just when I'd thought there might be hope for humanity...well, I was WAY wrong

When news broke that an unnamed Kansas City Chiefs player killed his girlfriend and then drove to the team’s practice facility where he killed himself, Twitter users had their priorities in the right place: worrying about whether their fantasy football teams would be affected by the news.

In the wake of the tragic news that Kansas City Chiefs LB Jovan Belcher had killed his girlfriend and then committed suicide in front of several Chiefs officials, most decent, lucid souls had the sort of reaction one would expect: sorrow, disbelief, and sympathy for the bereaved. It’s an appropriate reaction given the scope and depth of such an unimaginable tragedy, one which resulted in a three-month-old infant being orphaned. There are no words to fully describe the sad and tragic nature of Belcher’s actions.

And then there are those who reacted in a wholly different and unexpected manner, asking themselves the one question raised in their pea-sized brains by this tragic murder-suicide:


Sometimes, I find myself confronted by something so over-the-top offensive and beyond the pale that words fail me.

This is one of those times. I got nothin’.

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