December 2, 2012 7:38 AM

This week in Jesus: The "War on Christmas" edition

[I]t’s time for the Religious Right to start carping about the so-called “war on Christmas.”…. [T]he American Family Association (AFA) has released its annual “Naughty Or Nice” list of retailers. Traditionally, release of this list, which the AFA published on Nov. 15, marks the beginning of the annual Religious Right whine-fest about the war on Christmas. Here’s how the list works: Obsessive types at the AFA who obviously have way too much time on their hands pore over print and web ads from stores and count up the number of times the word “Christmas” appears. Companies that use “Christmas” consistently are nice. Retailers that don’t use the term much or not at all are naughty. Some companies are in between. It’s all color coded for your convenience.

‘Tis The Season To Be Cranky: Religious Right Gears Up New Round Of ‘War On Christmas’ Claims: Some folks just can’t stomach the idea that retailers might want to appeal to the broadest spectrum of shoppers they possibly can. If you believe that Christmas is about Jesus Christ, then good on you and celebrate as you see fit. You might also want to recognize that not everyone shares your views, however.

Atheist billboard, promoting Freedom From Religion Foundation, defaced with devil’s horns: Christian tolerance…it’s not supposed to be an oxymoron.

Liberty Counsel: God’s Judgment is on America for Electing Obama and ‘Adopting Sin as Official Public Policy’: Well, sin can be a whole lot more fun….

Robertson Admits he Blew Election Prediction he Received from God: Evidently, God endorsed Barack Obama, but Robertson figured that, because he KNOWS that God’s a Republican, there was NO WAY He’d endorse a Democrat.

Santa Monica may bar Nativity scenes in public areas, judge rules: The reality that some folks might celebrate the holiday season for reasons other than to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ is lost on hyper-religious Christian zealots, who seem perfectly willing to force their narrow beliefs on anyone and everyone.

Klayman: ‘Obama is as much a Threat to Jews and Christians as is Hamas’: Hmm…when last I checked, Barack Obama wasn’t firing missiles into churches and synagogues.

Joni Lamb: America is a Christian Nation and if You Don’t Like it, ‘You Shouldn’t Live Here’: No, America is NOT a Christian nation; it’s a secular nation with a Christian majority. That’s a subtle but very important difference…or do you simply not care about the separation of Church and State?

A Year in Jail for Not Believing in God? How Kentucky is Persecuting Atheists: So much for the separation of Church and State.

5 Christian Right Delusions Busted by Romney and GOP Losses: Hey, guess what? God’s not a Republican.

Barber: Gay Marriage is a Weapon Designed to Destroy Religious Liberty: Uh, no; equal rights is a weapon designed to destroy ignorance, self-righteousness, and homophobia.

5 Crazy Right-Wing Conspiracy Theories About Hurricane Sandy: Wow…who knew that Hurricane Sandy was God’s punishment for the New York Giants winning the Super Bowl?

Bill O’Reilly: Those Who Think Christianity Is A Religion Are “So Stupid It’s Painful” — “Christianity Is A Philosophy” : Speaking of painfully stupid…and hypocritical, isn’t amazing how O’Reilly can manage to argue both sides and see no conflict?

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