January 31, 2013 6:53 AM

Never underestimate the power of bigots under the influence of a Black President

The Ku Klux Klan of Virginia is trying to find new members, and it is using President Obama’s second term as a recruitment tool. According to local Richmond television station WTVR, residents in the area have received two KKK fliers in their driveways in the course of as many months. The fliers read, “WAKE UP WHITE AMERICA!!” and explain that “the majority of HATE CRIMES in America are committed by BLACKS against WHITES!!!”…. In an interview with the station, the KKK bragged that their recruitment has been up thanks to Obama’s election, and expect it to triple during his next term….

For those of you under the (evidently mistaken) influence that we’ve already ushered in the 21st century…well, greetings from Virginia, where the 19th-century slave owner mentality seems to be alive and well in a sizable segment of the populace. I’d made the mistake of assuming the Ku Klux Klan was a relic of our ignorant, hateful past. Surely, I thought, we’d arrived at a better place, one that allows us to, if not love our fellow man, at least tolerate his presence?

The stupid, it is very strong in Virginia.

Man, I can be SO naive sometimes….

No matter how many barriers come down or how often they’re overcome, there are still those knuckle draggers for whom the color of one’s skin is of greater import than the color of one’s character. That the KKK is still active in Virginia is despicable. That they’re claiming to having doubled, and are close to tripling, their membership since Barack Obama became President is…well, I’m not certain I possess the vocabulary to sufficiently express my revulsion.

I find it comical that the White-Makes-Right crowd is willing to give George W. Bush, who in eight years almost destroyed our economy, a free pass. That reminds me of the t-shirts I occasionally see online: “I screwed y’all…but thanks for blaming it on the Black guy!” The bigots see nothing amiss with holding Barack Obama, the President charged with cleaning up the mess left behind by Bush, singularly responsible for the recession and the aftermath.

Here’s a message for those who believe the KKK is onto something: If the “achievement” you’re proudest of is being born White, that says a lot about the low standards you hold yourself to. Way to challenge yourself, eh?

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