January 3, 2013 5:21 AM

Today's communique from our new idiocracy: Lest you think America will be any saner in 2013....

San Jose Police located the vehicle traveling near Southwest Expressway and Bascom Avenue and the man immediately came to a stop. The subject exited the vehicle naked and brandishing a large Samurai sword saying, “You’re going to have to kill me” several times.

Naked New Years Day Samurai Captured by Police: The NRA immediately released a statement reiterating their position that the only way to solve our naked samurai problem is to give more samurai swords to unbalanced naked people.

Cops: Woman, 50, Battered Boyfriend, 32, Because Six Came Before Nine: This, guys, is why for a gentleman it’s always “ladies first.”

Paparazzo Run Over While Trying to Take Photo of Justin Bieber Near LA Freeway: Today’s example of natural selection at work. I should feel guilty for not being particularly upset over this sort of thing…but I really don’t.

Woman Jailed For Attacking Beau Over Bad Sex: We can only hope that this didn’t result in a pregnancy.

Greenwich Village “Hippies” Arrested With Powerful Explosives, Sawed-Off Shotgun and ‘Terrorist Encyclopedia’: It was his first time; he probably wanted to be certain he understood the instructions.

10 Food Sculptures Too Incredible To Eat: Bacon makes EVERYTHING better….

Important Question: Which World Leader Would Win In a Fight to the Death?: Having evidently solved all other pressing problems facing the world today….

Port Authority ventilated due to strong gas smell: It appears the wind was coming from the west and blowing over New Jersey.

How Not to Rescue Someone Who’s Fallen Into a Frozen Lake: Or, “How Not to Turn a Rescue Situation Into a Potential Audition for the Darwin Awards.”

The Guide To Hosting A Kick Ass Party For The Big Game: PRO TIP- Don’t get your sushi from a gas station. You can thank me later.

Don’t Report a Home Invasion if You’re Growing 110 Weed Plants in Your Spare Bedroom: You’d think this would be self-evident, but it seems as if every year ‘round about this time, I have to issue this public service reminder all over again.

2012: The year Irish newspapers tried to destroy the web: Today on “People Who Clearly Don’t Understand How Da Interwebs Tubes work”….

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