March 1, 2013 6:24 AM

It's no wonder I love this woman

If a man’s from Texas, he’ll tell you. If he’s not, why embarrass him by asking?

  • John Gunther

They say that Virginia is the mother of Texas. We never knew who the father was, but we kinda suspected Tennessee.

  • Tex Ritter

There aren’t a lot of things I miss about Texas- Austin, the Hill Country, Shiner Bock, UT football- so when one of them rolls up close to home it’s a real treat. While Erin was having lunch with her mother in Longview, WA, earlier this week, she happened upon a pleasant (for me, at least) surprise. She came home with a case of Shiner Bock. So far as I know, it’s still not available in Oregon, but now The Nectar of the God © can be found just an hour to the north.

Is that love or what??

Speaking of Austin, Erin and I are leaving for a few days of well-deserve R&R there this morning. For the next five days, we’ll be in a place where we’ll bask in something resembling warmth and sunshine. You can have the rest of Texas (yes, I’m talking about you, Houston), but Austin and the Hill Country are among my favorite places. It’ll be nice to relax, play tourist, and show Erin around a place I never got to know as well as I would have liked. Even better, it’ll be nice to have her to myself for a few days.

With any luck, this may well be where you’ll find us tomorrow. You won’t be able to miss me: I’ll be the one NOT chowing on the Texas T-Bone; being vegan in Texas is kinda like being behind enemy lines.

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