July 5, 2013 6:38 AM

"Tea Party": Defining ignorance, racism, and misogyny since...pretty much Day One

From tax policy to health care policy to actual lectures written to be delivered to women, to mandatory, unnecessary invasive procedures, Ohio’s Tea Party Republicans put together a wish list — with the worst provisions added at the last minute with no debate — that places new burdens on the state’s most vulnerable women. Like Republican legislatures in Florida, Wisconsin and Michigan, Ohio’s Republicans are refusing to acknowledge that President Obama won their state twice. Instead they’re relying on electoral maps redrawn after the 2010 GOP landslide in hopes that 2014 will be another low-turnout election to push an agenda fit for the nation’s reddest states.

A good deal of attention has (justifiably and understandably) been focused on the recent efforts of the Texas Legislature to turn a woman’s uterus into the property of the State. The idea that a woman should be able to control her own body has been ridiculed by authoritarian Conservatives for quite some time. Adolf Hitler echoed this philosophy in Mein Kampf, stating that one of the first things he would do upon taking power would be to do away with the silly idea that women should control their own bodies. (Yes, this post has been thoroughly Godwinized for your protection.)

Texas may have been sucking up the media spotlight, but it’s not the only state attempting to turn the clock back to the 11th century. In fact, Ohio’s legislative efforts are arguably even worse and more dismissive of women’s rights. Led by a cabal of Teapublicans consumed with a burning disdain for womens’ rights, Ohio has travelled far down the path to setting up their version of “small government” in the uterus of every woman of childbearing age in the Buckeye State.

After the jump, I’ll share five ways that Ohio Tepublicans are threatening to turn women’s bodies into the property of the State- and the well-fed Conservative White males who run it.

1) Rejecting Medicaid expansion: Evidently, the idea of poor and minority women being allowed to have health insurance was just too much for Ohio’s Teapublicans to handle. That the expansion would provide 153,000 Ohio women ages 19-44 with health insurance coverage matters not at all to those convinced that this is nothing but creeping nanny-state Socialism. Nor does the fact that the expansion would save Ohio $48 million on breast and cervical screenings by 2020 register with the zealots.

Perhaps if these women voted Republicans their health would be of greater concern to Teapublicans.

2) Tax increases on the poor: Nothing quite like balancing the budget on the back of the poor and lower middle class, eh? Well, DUH…how else can you finance tax cuts for the upper 1% of earners?

3) Huge cuts to Planned Parenthood: Look, EVERYONE knows that 93% of what Planned Parenthood does are abortion services, right? Just ask Sen. Jon Kyl (R-AZ). Except that that figure was extracted directly from his ample posterior. Truth aside, Teapublicans firmly believe that Planned Parenthood exists for one reason: to perform abortions on young sluts who can’t be bothered to say no. And so Ohio’s budget effectively defunds PP clinics within the state.

Nice work, eh?

4) Forcing doctors to demean women: Ohio’s Teapublicans understand that no matter what they do, some sluts women will still seek to have an abortion…and so they’ve place a number of ridiculously and medically unsound and unnecessary barriers in front of them. The following is a sickening example of Big Government Overreach of Ohio’s version of “Father Knows Best”:

Rape crisis centers that receive state funding will not be allowed to advise girls and women that they can terminate the pregnancy. If a woman seeks an abortion, she will have to first listen to a speech written by a Republican politician and then pay for her own ultrasound, which has no medical purpose. A doctor also needs to try to find the fetus’ heartbeat and inform the woman if he does, just in case the experience isn’t traumatic enough.

5) Reducing the options of poor women: Teapublicans, devoid of self-awareness as they are, fail to understand that their policies will lead to increasing birth rates among the poor, with the concomitant effect of increasing costs to the state. If poor women can’t get birth control, who do you think will end up helping to raise the resulting children? This isn’t “small government,” it’s social policy straight out of the Dark Ages:

Taken together, the cuts to contraception funding, the cuts to welfare, the restrictions on abortion, and the money flowing to crisis pregnancy centers paint a very grim view of how Ohio Republicans see women—and low-income women especially: as baby factories that need to dramatically increase production. You can call that “pro-life” if you want, but it’s increasingly clear that it’s just anti-woman.

The truly unfathomable aspect of the “increase in production” is that the babies in question will not be born into a demographic that trends Republican. So what do Teapublicans get out of working against their own long-term interests? Who knows? That would require a degree of foresight clearly absent in Teapublicans…and the ability to maintain two diametrically opposed ideas between my ears without my head exploding.

The Tea Party would have us believe they stand for freedom, liberty, and getting Big Government off the backs of Americans. I doubt most Teapublicans could define the first two, and it seems their idea of getting Big Government off our backs revolves around using their idea of “small government” to police the reproductive functions of women.

Welcome to government of, by, and for well-fed Conservative White males. You elected these anti-democratic misogynists, y’all; now you get to reap what you’ve sown.

Enjoy the ride, eh?

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