January 23, 2014 6:29 AM

You say "smart, reasonable Conservative" like it's not an oxymoron....

(Don’t look at me…I’m only here for the naked pictures of Ann Coulter….)

Ann Coulter has completely departed from reality with her claim that Rachel Maddow and Ed Schultz are not Republican slayers, but cowards who are afraid to debate smart conservatives. Coulter showed up on Fox and Friends to explain away the story surrounding her comment that that mothership of morning lies won’t have conservatives on who can put two sentences together. She did this by claiming that Maddow and Schultz are afraid to debate conservatives.

I resolved long ago to cease writing about Ann Coulter, for the simple reason that I don’t want to waste energy and column inches on such a hateful…well, it rhymes with “rich,” if you know what I mean. This is less about Fraulein Gasraum than it about a collective Conservative impotence mixed with a healthy helping of hypocrisy.

The idea that Liberals collectively refuse to debate “smart Conservatives” is prima facie absurd. Where is it written that a Liberal media personality must debate anyone simply because a Conservative says so? I can think of little that would be more pointless than the sort of debate Coulter is demanding. What Fraulein Gasraum is insisting upon would without a doubt devolve (on her part, to be certain) into a shouting match, complete with personal insults and generalized nastiness. Generally speaking, Conservatives don’t want to debate facts. That’s not what wins elections for them. Fox News Channel doesn’t traffic in facts, at least not to the degree one should reasonably expect for a cable news channel that trumpets its “fair and balanced” nature.

She said, “I was talking about I had sent out a tweet, obviously I was talking 100% about MSNBC, it drives me crazy that they never have a half articulate conservative on, and which is you know, ok, you’re living in your little insular world and you end up saying crazy things, but then particularly Rachel Maddow and Ed Schultz are always acting like these big Republican slayers, and Republican will argue with me. So I was up at 3 AM last week, and I see this thing from Ed Schultz saying Republicans are afraid to debate me, so I tweeted back put me on your show you lying there’s nothing wrong with the word I used, I know you’re going to bleep me, so I won’t say it, it’s a synonym for pansy.”

It’s really rather cute that Coulter sees nothing wrong with her demands that Liberals leave their “little insular world.” She works for a “new” channel no reasonable person would recognize as anything but the GOP News Channel. Fox News Channel, despite all their butthurt denials to the contrary, pushes an aggressively Conservative agenda. There’s NOTHING “fair and balanced” about FNC programming or reporting. Yet Fraulein Gasraum DEMANDS that the Liberals at MSNBC leave their ivory tower? Yeah, who’s living in their “little insular world?”

I’m no fan of Ed Schultz; the man’s a blowhard who can occasionally be something of a dick. I admire his passion, if not his loose cannon, highly flammable personality. That said, there’s absolutely no reason why Schultz (or anyone else) should feel compelled to debate Coulter. Yes, he called her out, and Coulter’s faux outrage was as silly as it was disingenuous and profane. Even if Coulter were to agree to go on Schultz’ show, what good would come of it? It would be little more than bad theater; nothing would be resolved…though the vitriol and bad feelings would be epic.

Ann Coulter is a bully, pure and simple. Her idea of a “debate” is to attempt to shoot down her adversary with cheap personal insults, partisan vitriol, and facts she often seems to make up on the spot. No person in their right mind would agree to debate her. What’s to be gained from it? Absolutely nothing. Tell her to pound sand, because she deserves neither the forum nor the attention.

As for Rachel Maddow, she does her homework, which is more than can be said for Fraulein Gasraum. Maddow has had an open invitation for Conservatives to appear on her show for years. I can’t imagine Ann Coulter agreeing to debate someone as smart, well-prepared, and capable as Maddow. It’s tough to defeat someone who comes to a fight armed with facts, figures, and evidence.

That’s not what bullies do.

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