July 29, 2015 7:45 AM

Today's nominee for Headline of the Year: Alex Jones make you stupid

Alex Jones warns listeners: The UN is a “space cult” plotting to eradicate humanity by making our children gay

The real reason Jones doesn’t often discuss marriage equality is because it makes him sound insane, because there’s simply no credible way to square libertarianism and opposition to same-sex marriage. You either support liberty or your don’t. Ron and Rand Paul, on the other hand, have done reasonably well squaring their libertarianism with their opposition to reproductive rights. Alex Jones simply isn’t as clever as the Pauls. But he’s definitely kookier. Here’s how Jones tackled the issue on his show. He turned homosexuality into a vast, global conspiracy, and it might be the wackiest thing Jones has said since elaborating upon the “shape-shifting lizard people from outer space.”

Sometimes stupid is worthy of the vacuum it inhabits. Sometimes stupid manages to garner undeserved attention. And sometimes, in defiance of all logic, reason, and rationality, stupid gets a radio show and with it the opportunity to spread the virus of ignorance and irrational reaction far and wide. This is the only reasonable/possible explanation for Alex Jones, who’s to reasoned intellectual discourse what food poisoning is to weight loss. It’s not as if Jones has anything of intellectual value to add to the public discourse.

Then again, anyone who can work “shape-shifting lizard people from outer space” into (what he thinks is) an intelligent, lucid discussion of same-sex marriage is a comedy gold mine. Jones has a radio show in which he vents his considerable looniness to a sizable audience…when he really should be in a straitjacket and hopped up on Thorazine.

Now the truth is, there is a movement at the UN — there is a move to sexualize children. Sumner Redstone has said that and it’s nobodies business to be trying to target children with “Heather Has Two Mommies” or “You Can’t Say Boy or Girl to Somebody That May Not Identify as That.”…. That is space-cult, suicide-cult, exterminism, craziness…. The eugenics, trans-humanist cult wants to confuse the general species ahead of rendering us down and removing us…. The decision has been made. Cheer up, the post human era is dawning. The plan is an asexual humanoid, even if they decide to keep us around, stated in hundreds of textbooks.

So the United Nations, which is ostensibly manned by human beings, is trying replace humans with asexual humanoids…and it somehow all begins with sexualizing children? It’s odd that Jones is the one tossing around terms like “craziness”…as if he’s somehow the arbiter of rationality and level-headed intellectual discourse?

There’s always been a sizable strain of crazy in the American body politic…but now that crazy has access to the means to make itself heard far and wide. There’s no reason- none, zero, zip, nada- why Alex Jones should be taken seriously…by anyone or for any reason. Jones has nothing of value to add…to anything…yet how often is he on Right-wing propaganda outlets like Fox News Channel, who treat him as a Very Serious Person © with Very Important Thing to Say?

Freedom of speech and comic potential aside, there is no reason ANYONE who can use the phrase “shape-shifting lizard people from outer space” in (what he thinks is) a serious discussion should be allowed to interact with adults. For any reason. I can handle disagreements based on differences of opinions or philosophy/ideology…but a disagreement in which one party (in the case Alex Jones) is mining the depths of Stoopid is beyond the pale.

A “space cult” is angling to “eradicate humanity” by “turning our children gay?” In what world is seriously voicing such an opinion NOT a serious cry for help from someone in undeniable need of professional help?

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