July 12, 2004 5:15 AM

Methinks someone's getting a free ride....

The same so-called reporters who led the cheer for war are suddenly interested in checking Moore’s facts. It is too bad that they felt no such need when George, Condi, Colin and company were playing fast and loose with facts so that thousands of people could be killed. Michael Moore hasn’t killed anyone and yet powerful media and political interests vilify him more than any man in America right now.

- Margaret Kimberley

This government lies. I think we have a government that absolutely is ignoring the truth and a press that is ignoring the truth.

- Helen Thomas

I think she's absolutely right- dead on. The evidence is there- the Bush administration lies, lies, lies. The strongest, most aggressive person taking the Bush administration to task is not someone from The New York Times or The Washington Post, but Michael Moore....

- James W. Brown

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