January 18, 2008 6:20 AM

Ignorant, self-righteous, and built to stay that way

If u have sex before marriage then in Gods eyes u are married to that person if a man rapes a woman in Gods eyes they are married it sucks for the girl but what can we do lol

From the fine folks who brought us Fundies Say The Darnedest Things! come the Top 100 Fundie Quotes (thanks, Bob!). It’s not so much that the maroons are Christians, which is certainly their right, but rather that they’re so mind-numbingly, jaw-droppingly ignorant and self-righteous. A read through the list will leave you speechless. Yes, these folks are deadly serious…and they vote. Scary, huh?

I don’t mind if people are steadfast in beliefs that I don’t agree with or understand. I don’t expect others to think as I do. Even so, it’s better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove any lingering doubt, no? I’m sorry, but I grew up Lutheran, and I don’t recognize an understanding of the teachings of Jesus Christ in ANY of these knuckle-draggers. I’m trying very hard not to be judgemental, but when I’m confronted with this sort of rampant, aggressive ignorance…well, what’s a person to do…besides pray that one of those folks aren’t sitting next to you during Sunday services? Man, this stuff makes my brain hurt….

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