January 10, 2008 5:42 AM

Media Whoring 101: The Basics of Becoming a Magnet For Television Cameras

OK, kids, gather around…and take notes, because this is how you spin a controversy out of whole cloth. Start with an innocent comment, which coincidentally happens to emply the word “lynch” when discussing Tiger Woods. Throw in Al Sharpton at his media-whoring best…and before you now it, you’ve managed to brand an innocent broadcaster as a racist, when nothing could be farther from the truth. When not even Woods, the subject of the comment, was upset about Kelly Tilghman’s comment, is there even really an issue? Well, if Al Sharpton manages to get his mug in front of a camera, youdamnbetcha there’s an issue…even if one has to be pulled out of thin air. Apparently, Sharpton was growing worried because he hadn’t been able to make love with a camera for awhile. I imagine he was probably experiencing something akin to withdrawal.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not about to soft-pedal the specter of racism, whether latent or overt. I understand the power of words. Hell, y’all are here become I’m at least moderately talented at stringing words together into something resembling coherent sentences- but don’t you think a little dose of perspective and common sense would go a long way here?

I also understand that the Rev. Sharpton is committed, at least in his own mind, to the battle for equality and a better America. Really, though, Sharpton’s commitment is primarily to his own outsized ego. Tiger Woods, a long-time friend of Tilghman, said through his agent that Tilghman’s comments are a non-issue. You’d think that would put an end to things, right? Tiilghman may have apologized to Woods, but Sharpton’s not folding up his circus tent until he gets pound of flesh and his face time.

Man, this guy makes Jesse Jackson look like a slacker, doesn’t he?

Put a sock in it, Al….

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