May 5, 2008 5:32 AM

Proof positive that HRC really is Satan


(apologies to Keith Olbermann)

Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY)

Hillary Clinton's campaign has a secret weapon to build its delegate count, but her top strategists say privately that any attempt to deploy it would require a sharp (and by no means inevitable) shift in the political climate within Democratic circles by the end of this month. With at least 50 percent of the Democratic Party's 30-member Rules and Bylaws Committee committed to Clinton, her backers could -- when the committee meets at the end of this month -- try to ram through a decision to seat the disputed 210-member Florida and 156-member Michigan delegations. Such a decision would give Clinton an estimated 55 or more delegates than Obama, according to Clinton campaign operatives. The Obama campaign has declined to give an estimate.

There are few things in life I hate more than a poor loser. If you play the game and you don't come out on top, at least have the decency to accept that things didn't break your way. Conduct yourself with something resembling class and dignity...because you just might get a second chance somewhere down the road.

Then again, if you explore every conceivable manner of lying, cheating, and stealing your way to victory, you deserve the special place in Hell that exists for you...and so it is for Sen. Hillary Clinton, who is now apparently exploring what her staff is referring to as the as the "nuclear option". This essentially involves cheating of the first order. In Michigan, both candidates signed a pledged stating that the Democratic primary results wouldn't count, and in Florida Sen. Barack Obama didn't even bother campaigning. Why? Because both Florida and Michigan went against DNC rules by moving their primary dates up. The Party then determined that no delegates from either state would be seated at the Democratic National Convention. Fair enough, eh? You break the rules, you face the consequences...unless you're HRC, in which case you'll betray your naked ambition and lust for power by looking for any conceivable advantage that you might be able to beg, borrow, or steal.

Having long since demonstrated that she's concerned with only one thing-winning- Sen. Clinton seems to care not at all that her credibility has vanished and she's running the very real risk of tearing the Democratic Party apart. Of course, when you're completely and totally consumed by your own self-interest, nothing outside of yourself really matters, does it?

At this point, my disdain for Sen. Clinton grows exponentially with each passing day, and her choreographed sit-down with former Bill Clinton aide George Stephanopoulos certainly didn't help her cause. It's one thing to lie as if it's the most natural thing in the world, which it certainly appears to be for HRC. It's quite another when you begin believing that your lies are the Absolute Truth.

A long-ago friend was wont to use a phrase to describe those he detested. He used to tell me that he when he despised someone, which was a surprisingly frequent occurrence, he "wouldn't piss on them if they were on fire". At this point, I can't think of anything which more adequately and concisely expressed the depth of my disdain for Sen. Clinton. May her smug, self-righteous countenance burn in the Hell she so richly deserves to find herself in. And when she's on fire, don't coming running to me....

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