November 18, 2012 6:32 AM

This week in Jesus: Who says hate and discrimination aren't (Far Right) Christian values?

As Republicans argue about the future of their party, Gary Bauer claims the way to lure minority voters into the fold is by amplifying their antigay policy positions…. “There’s been research done on Hispanic voters on what motivates them,” he said excitedly, offering a list of issues before making his claim that Republicans should go even more anti-abortion and antigay. “The research also shows that Hispanics are overwhelmingly pro-life and pro-family. You’re suggesting that we drop issues that we might have the best chance to appeal to those voters about.”

Gary Bauer Insists GOP Can Win If More Antigay: Yes, it’s true; the real reason Republicans took a drubbing this election season was that they were insufficiently hateful.

Rodriguez: Blacks and Latinos Not Voting with a ‘Christian Worldview’; Gay Marriage will Force us to ‘Surrender Christianity’: Unless everyone because as inflexible and intolerant as we are, Christianity is doomed to die.

On The Silence Of ‘The Lamb’s Agenda’: An Open Letter to Rev. Samuel Rodriguez: Your belief system is not the One and Only, and those who happen not to share your beliefs are not ipso facto Hell-bound. You might try a little Christian tolerance on for size; after all, it’s what the Jesus Christ you profess to revere taught.

Dying for a Pro-Life Cause: Savita Halappanavar- proof that far too many value the life of a dying fetus over the life of the woman carrying it. When women are viewed as vessels, this is what you get.

Fischer: The 9/11 Terrorists Were ‘Agents of God’s Wrath’: Isn’t it interesting how Bryan Fischer hates any and all things Islam…until he’s able to figure out a way to use it to sell his hate-driven agenda?

Catholics Choose Conscience Over Church: Religion and spirituality should never be one-size fits all, with no space available for independent thought or questioning the dominant paradigm.

Texas Megachurch Pastor: Obama’s Re-election Will Lead To ‘Reign Of The Antichrist’: The fervor with which the Rabid Right hates Barack Obama is truly impressive. And by “impressive,” I mean disturbing. Hey, y’all; the Black guy won. Get over yourselves, already.

Linda Harvey Doubts Christian Faith of African Americans who Supported Obama: Because any REAL Christian American patriot would understand that God’s a Republican.

Five Ways The Religious Right Imploded In 2012: It turns out that Americans really don’t want to be ruled by a cabal of hyper-religious zealots who are as much about living Christ-like lives as Josef Stalin was about “live and let live.”

James Dobson Gives Away the Game, Admits the National Day of Prayer Task Force Prayed for Obama’s Defeat: Because any REAL Christian American patriot would understand that God’s a Republican.

Election Takeaway: Fake God Talk Doesn’t Cut It with Americans: Because it was never about the teachings of Jesus Christ. In the end, it was about power and control…and hypocrisy went down to defeat.

Franklin Graham: Americans ‘Turned our Back on God’ by Re-Electing Obama; Marriage Equality ‘Takes the Family Away’: Because any REAL Christian American patriot would understand that God’s a Republican. Anyone else seeing a pattern here??

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