February 28, 2013 4:09 AM

Another reason why every day is Gun Appreciation Day

(via David Waldman)

GRAND FORKS — A Tolna man accidentally shot himself in the hand with a semi-automatic pistol Wednesday and was driven to Grand Forks for surgery.

Christopher Reeves, 26, told police he was cleaning the gun and forgot to unload it first, said Ramsey County Sheriff’s Deputy Don Meyer.

It happened Wednesday evening as Reeves handled the gun to begin taking it apart, according to the deputy, who interviewed Reeves at Mercy Hospital in Devils Lake. The 9 mm Taurus gun fired, sending a bullet through Reeves’ palm, through a wall and ended up in another room in his house northwest of Tolna.

Reeves was alone and started to drive himself to the hospital, but had to stop and call for help. His wound included at least one shattered bone.

Meyer said the incident is a reminder to be careful. Some semi-automatic handguns can fire a round left in the chamber, even after the magazine is removed, he said.

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