February 13, 2013 5:48 AM

Fox News Channel: A textbook example of an institutional lack of self-awareness

“Now, last night, I talked with Bob Beckel about the difference in analysis on the subject of waterboarding as compared to killing people with drones, a policy that President Obama embraces,” he said. “I put forth that over at NBC News and other media places, they were hysterical over waterboarding, but muted over President Obama’s drone attacks, at least until yesterday,” he said. “Immediately, the far left machine cranked up! ‘O’Reilly didn’t say that NBC News broke the drone memo story. He’s a deceiver!’ True! I didn’t say NBC broke the memo story because we weren’t talking about that. Waterboarding versus drone strikes.”…. “So once again, we have a propaganda campaign designed to make ignorant people on the left even more ignorant. Factor tip of the day: Don’t deal with loons,” he added.

I’ve heard it said that we hate in others what we most fear in ourselves. That hatred generally walks hand in glove with a pronounced lack of self-awareness…which is pretty much what makes Fox News Channel what it is. That an aggregation of talking heads so thoroughly devoted to Far Right ideology that they’d accuse those on the left of doing exactly what they’ve been doing for years is as ludicrous as it is hypocritical.

It’a propaganda tactic as old the art of propaganda itself: accuse your adversary of the very tactics you employ; this places them on the defensive and deflects attention from your own nefarious intent. In the case of Fox Noise Channel, they don’t even possess the subtlety necessary to at least create the illusion that they’re an impartial news organization.

Dealing in opinion is one thing; news organizations do that all that time. When presented as opinion, it’s a legitimate tool for sparking debate. When presented as journalism, as “news,” it’s unethical…but ethics and integrity have never been hallmarks of Fox News Channel. Neither is accuracy or objectivity. Whether its’ Megyn Kelly essentially telling the President to shut up, Bill O’Reilly referring to those with the temerity to think differently as “pinheads,” or Sean Hannity questioning the patriotism of everyone on the Left, it’s not “Fair and Balanced.” It’s not even news…and yet millions of Americans get their news propaganda from FNC and regard it as Gospel.

And you wonder why I refer to them as the “American Sheeple?”

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