April 28, 2014 7:17 AM

Racism isn't dead; it just has a better marketing department

It’s a common misconception/propaganda point among those on the Right that racism is dead, that America is now a race-neutral, color-blind society. This is what an ideology based largely on racism would have us believe. The truth is that racism may not be as overt- no “Whites Only” signs or separate drinking fountains- but it’s by no means dead…or even dormant (see Sterling, Donald).

Racism today has moved underground, because when an unrepentant racist holds forth, he/she is quickly drowned out but the voices of those justifiably repulsed by such troglodytic bigotry. The rise in militia groups nationwide is a disturbing sign, as is the KKK’s claim that their membership has tripled since President Barack Obama took the oath of office in January, 2009. Economic unrest also contributes, as people in the majority class (i.e.- White folks) look for someone to blame for their plight. The Southern Poverty Law Center’s authoritative* Hate Map* tracks hate groups in America…of which there’s no lack.

Ignorance, prejudice, and race-based hatred is hardly dead; the “White Makes Right” attitude is very much alive and well. Those who believe as much are simply more careful these days not to attract attention. There are still those waiting for the opportunity to rise up and destroy those they see as threats to America…which they loosely define as everyone not like them.

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