March 20, 2015 4:54 AM

Those who can do. Those who can't become Vice President and lie their way without consequence into a war.

Dick Cheney is not a big fan of President Obama (and vice-versa). In an interview published in Playboy, Cheney called Obama “the worst president in my lifetime,” and that his damaging legacy will endure…. “I used to have significant criticism of Jimmy Carter,” said the former Republican vice president. “But compared to Barack Obama and the damage he is doing to the nation — it’s a tragedy, a real tragedy, and we are going to pay a hell of a price just trying to dig out from under his presidency.”

I’ll try to stifle a chuckle and grant Darth Vader former Vice President Dick Cheney his right to his opinions…however self-serving and hypocritical they may be. I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time lending much credibility to the opinions of the man almost single-handedly (along with Our Glorious and Benevolent Leader ©, George W. Bush) responsible for the debacle that was the war in Iraq. We invaded a sovereign nation under the pretext of exacting revenge for 9/11 when in fact Iraq had NOTHING to do with the attacks. This illegal (and immoral) war was purchased with lies, propaganda, and fear-mongering which, when combined with fanning the flames of patriotism, convinced millions (including, sadly, myself for a time) that Saddam Hussein was an “evildoer.”

Almost five thousand young Americans were shipped home from Iraq in flag-draped coffins, and many thousands were permanently scarred and/or maimed (physically and/or psychologically)…in a war that had nothing to do with 9/11. It was a pretext for what Darth Vader Cheney had been advocating for all along- the overthrow of Saddam Hussein by whatever means necessary. This war created a vacuum which allowed for the advent of ISIS/ISIL…and now Darth Vader Dick Cheney has the gall to believe that he has any standing whatsoever to criticize Barack Obama? I’m not sure which heart of darkness the former Vice President is operating under, but that’s some world class chutzpah.

By all rights, Darth Vader Cheney and Our Glorious and Benevolent Leader © should be wearing orange prison jumpsuits in the Hague as they serve life sentences for war crimes. They sent almost five thousand American servicemen and women to premature, needless deaths and are directly responsible for the deaths of more than 100,000 Iraqis. Both should have long since been candidates for a cigarette and a blindfold. Instead, they walk the Earth free men. I’d say that I hope their sleep is haunted by nightmares of those whose deaths they’re responsible for, but that would presume they possess a conscience and are capable of feeling shame.

I’m not about to bet on either.

If I was Barack Obama, I’d have long since told Darth Vader Dick Cheney where he could stick his opinion. Given his track record as a war criminal, the man has no grounds to criticize this President for ANYTHING. He should be grateful that the Obama Administration didn’t serve him up to the International War Crimes Tribunal in the Hague.

Instead, the President has chosen to take the high road, which only proves that he’s a much better person that I’ll likely ever be. In a recent interview, though, he did finally come out and lay the blame for ISIS/ISIL squarely where it deserves to be:

Isis is a direct outgrowth of al-Qaeda in Iraq that grew out of our invasion. Which is an example of unintended consequences. Which is why we should generally aim before we shoot.

Good night. Game over. Drive home safely.

OK, so it’s not the smackdown Darth Vader Dick Cheney should be getting every time he opens his mouth. And it’s most certainly not the lifetime sentence in an 8’ x 10’ prison cell (or the firing squad) he deserves. Still, it’s a start…but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to secretly hoping that President Obama will come out and tell him to STFU. Again, this President is a much better person than I’ll ever be…but a boy can hope, right?

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