August 14, 2008 6:57 AM

Does this make me a bad person?

You know, I love the Olympics...and nothing says "Summer Olympics" like women's beach volleyball

Yes, I know that I should appreciate women's beach volleyball for the skill, the artistry, and the high level of athletic competition. Sure, "the human drama of athletic competition." Yeah, right. Whatever. Athletic, attractive women in bikinis? And you wonder why I don't watch fencing or sailing.... ;-)

In reality, like most guys, I'm there for the butt shorts and the cleavage. Hey, c'mon now; like you're not attracted to winsome, athletic young women in form-hugging butt shorts and sports bras. Yeah, I know; I'm a pig...but I'm a happy one, and I hardly think I'm alone in my porcine appreciation of female athletic excellence. Toned, tall, athletic...what's not to like?

Oh, yeah...and the volleyball's not bad, either....

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